The client is an American multinational manufacturer of tires for automobiles, commercial trucks, light trucks, motorcycles, SUVs, race cars, airplanes, farm equipment, and heavy earth-mover machinery.


With approximately 64,000 employees, America’s largest tire manufacturer was looking to retain retail and sales team members most capable of meeting targeted sales goals and least likely to quit or be terminated during a trial cycle.


Shaker built a custom Virtual Job Tryout for the client that included company messaging and a high-fidelity simulation, allowing candidates to work within a simulated interface to enter key vehicle diagnostic information and manage customer information.


The highest-scoring candidates averaged $11,148 more in sales per year (a potential of over $836K/year impact), sold $2,330 more per year in preventative maintenance ($175K/year potential impact), and entered an additional 69 vehicle condition reports per associate (with a potentially yearly impact of over 5,000 vehicle condition reports per year).

Candidates had an overwhelmingly positive response to the assessment. Of all candidates surveyed, 99% of candidates agreed the exercise instructions were clear and navigating the exercise was easy, and 96% said having participated in the Virtual Job Tryout helped them feel better equipped to determine if the offered position was right for them