The leading provider of comprehensive waste management in North America, this Fortune 500 organization provides services that range from collection and disposal to recycling and renewable energy generation.


The main challenge facing the talent acquisition team – time. Namely, how much time it took from when a candidate applied to phone to complete interviews. On average, that number was 7.2 days. “We’re talking about high-volume, entry-level positions. Seven days is just too long,” said the director of talent acquisition. “These candidates are often applying to multiple jobs with different organizations – we were missing out on quality candidates in that window.”

The biggest reason for the seven-day time frame was delays in scheduling phone interviews. Playing phone tag with candidates and trying to find a time that works for both parties takes time. It also caused inefficiencies in the hiring process, making it difficult to engage and prioritize candidates.


To help address these delays, the team turned to Modern Hire on-demand voice interviewing. “Based on the type of information we need to get from the candidate at this point in the hiring process, on-demand voice made the most sense,” said the director. “We knew candidates could easily complete it, we knew recruiters would be able to quickly and easily review them, and we’d gain additional information about that candidate versus just reviewing their application.”

The team chose to run a 2-month pilot, focused on 20 business units in one region. Forty-four different requisitions were identified, all of them high-volume positions such as drivers, tech and post-collection. Through its Taleo integration, qualified candidates were immediately sent an invitation to complete an on-demand voice interview after application. Although candidates who expressed interest were able to schedule a traditional phone interview, the goal was for the majority of candidates to choose the on-demand option instead.


Tremendous improvements were seen across the board. 58% of candidates chose to complete an on-demand voice interview instead of scheduling a phone interview, saving a significant amount of time, and improving efficiency. 87% of the requisitions were filled with candidates that completed the on-demand interview.

But most importantly, the average time for candidates to complete their ondemand voice interview was 24 hours - an improvement of 6 days!

Candidate feedback scores were high across the board, with 94% of candidates saying the interview was easy to complete, and 93% of them able to complete the interview without assistance. Hiring managers also noticed that they were receiving candidate interviews faster than they had in the past, and enjoyed being able to listen to the candidate for themselves.

“We will absolutely continue to use [Modern Hire] on-demand voice interviews for these requisitions, and expand it to other positions as well,” said the director. “We’re also exploring other parts of the platform, especially on-demand text interviewing, as a way to efficiently engage with more candidates, faster.”